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An Out Reach Ministry of Battlefield Ministries Community Church located in Ft. Oglethorpe GA.BattleField Ministries

   Our Goal is to organize a group of Prayer Warriors all around the Globe

Centered on the Lord Jesus Christ alone, Inner Light Prayer Ministry exists to provide collective servant leadership to form a national prayer movement.

Who we are and What we Believe

Inner Light Prayer Ministry of Ft. Oglethorpe Ga. is an evangelical missions organization operating out of Battlefield Ministries Community Church, where Sr. Pastor Darrell and Tonjia G Vaughn have faithfully pastored for 16 years and is committed to praying for the release of the fullness of God's power and purpose, as we actively win the lost, feed the poor, make disciples, and impact the seven spheres of society-family, education, government, economy, arts, media, and religion.
Our vision is to work in relationship with the larger Body of Christ to serve the Great Commission, as we seek to walk out the two great commandments to love God and people.
We have made a sober commitment before God to combine 24/7 prayers for justice with 24/7 works of justice until the Lord returns. Outreach has always been a vital part of our mission. Hence, we are preparing ourselves to prepare others for the unique dynamics of the generation in which the Lord returns.

We believe ministry is done best when our lives are rooted cleanly before a Holy God in prayer and worship that focuses on intimacy with God, as we intercede for a breakthrough of the fullness of God's power.

We believe until we thoroughly deal with "sin in the camp," Our best efforts will seem like trying to cure cancer with a band-aid.

We believe until we the Body, begin to lead our churches to thoroughly deal with sin, true revival will never take place May we ever be reminded that judgement must begin in the house of God.

We believe that the harvest is wasting in the fields and the Bridegroom could be at the very door. We must now return unto the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

We believe in order to move in power, God requires deep cleansing and genuine repentance among his people. Plasms 66:18 makes this crystal clear:"if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me." Jesus did not just die to take us to heaven, but to indwell and empower us here on earth.

We believe the Christian life was never intended for us to grit our teeth and somehow live for him, but rather learning to allow him to live through us.
God does not convict us to condemn us but rather to set us free!

We believe in being prepared for spiritual warfare and that our enemy is very real. 1 Peter 5:8. We also believe he is terrified when we do get clean before a Holy God and fully empowered by the Holy Spirit for service. No true believer should ever put up with a mediocre prayer life.

We believe that many people selfishly shop for a church like they shop for a health club. They want one with the most benefits and the least cost!
As Christians our prayer should not be "what this church can do for me," but rather what can I do for this church?

We believe that the Holy Spirit of God can never be truly free to operate in believers or churches that are willing to compromise God's word and reduce his standards.

We also believe we should never just pray for revival as a mere means of avoiding suffering.
Our greatest goals in prayer for revival should be holiness, not temporary happiness. Only when our natural human strengths have been broken and we have been forced into a deeper dependence on Christ's life within us, will we truly walk in the power of his might.
God will not receive what we are trying to do or accomplish for him, but rather what we allow Him to do through us.
Without this revelation of purpose, we will continue to only speak to man's head and not their hearts.

We desire:
1. To call forth, train, and mobilize intercessors to live a life of prayer as they preach the gospel, heal the sick, help the needy, make disciples, and seek to bring transformation to society; to make it our aim to personally live as fully devoted disciples of Jesus, who operate in the forerunner spirit.

2. To establish a perpetual solemn assembly nationwide by gathering corporately to fast and pray, because we recognize this as essential to establishing justice in society and empowering the saints with the fullness of the Spirit.

Affirmations and Denials

The Latter Rain
We Affirm that the Church will experience the greatest outpouring of the Spirit in history before Jesus returns (Joel 2:28-32).
This outpouring will result in a great ingathering of souls and a renewing of the Church so that it walks in godliness as declared in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5:1-7:28).
We affirm the presence of the fivefold ministry for the equipping of the saints (Eph. 4:11-13).
We Deny the distinctive doctrines that go beyond Scripture that are often associated with the Latter Rain theology that was popularized in the 1950s.

The Tabernacle of David
We Affirm that the Holy Spirit is orchestrating a global worship and prayer movement that will operate in great authority (Lk. 18:7-8; Mt. 21:13; Rev. 5:8, 8:3-5, 22:17; Isaiah 62:6-7; Joel 2:12-17, 32).
This prayer movement will operate in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.

We Deny that the restoration of the tabernacle of David is the same as the end-time prayer movement.

Explanation: In the days of King David, he established a tabernacle that had singers and musicians who ministered to the Lord night and day.
Today, the prayer movement is in the spirit of David's tabernacle. This means that the prayer movement will have some components of the tabernacle of David, specifically pertaining to singers and musicians.
The promise of the restoration of the tabernacle of David refers to the governmental restoration of David's international rule as part of the restoration of national Israel in the millennial kingdom.
The context of Amos 9:11-12 is the governmental rule of Jesus over all the nations from Jerusalem. In Acts 15:13-18, James referred to Amos 9:11 declaring that Gentiles should be accepted into the predominantly Jewish Body of Christ, without needing to convert to Judaism.
The apostles understood that in the end times, God would re-establish the Messianic kingdom over all the nations.
God had just visited the Gentiles with salvation at Cornelius's house (Acts 10).
This was in agreement with Old Testament prophecy. James quoted Amos to prove that many Gentiles will be saved in the context of the restoration of the Davidic dynastic reign.
This restoration will, of course, include David's heart for worship and prayer.
Though Amos 9:11 is not prophesying primarily about 24/7 intercessory worship, it will be a foundational reality in the release of Jesus' worldwide rule over the nations.
The prophetic word given to Mike Bickle in May 1983 was that "God would release 24-hour-a-day prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David." In other words, it would involve prophetic singers and musicians.
The practice of worship and intercession is not, in itself, the actual restoration of David's tabernacle

Our Call of covenant and commitment.
" We recognize our absolute dependence on God and our desperate need for divine intervention.

" We believe God is urging us to call all Christians of America and Abroad to unite in humility and repentance across ethnic and church boundaries to pray persistently for a moral and spiritual awakening in the Body of Christ.

" We believe this will greatly advance His Kingdom in our nation and worldwide.

Our Covenant We covenant to obey this call by taking the following actions:

" We will promote this call as broadly as possible.

" Individually, we will commune with God and pray with faith daily.

" We will encourage and participate regularly in corporate, believing prayer.

" We will fast as God prompts us.

" Feeling incomplete without embracing God's family from all races, we will seek reconciliation and participation with all brothers and sisters.

" We will pray until God sovereignly acts.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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